Castle Tower Höchst


Stadt Frankfurt
Werner Buch
Braubachstr. 15
60311 Frankfurt/Main

T: +49 69 21234964
Up to the 1980ies Höchst kept its administrative function as district capital city without itself being part of the governed district (an interesting constellation regarding administration and political aspects).
In 1985 the district administration was removed from Höchst – which meant the loss of hundreds of employees and their purchasing power. The building has remained empty up to now.
With the growth of the industrial park (former Hoechst Inc) a high capacity gate became necessary with a direct Highway-access from the southern Autobahn – therefore the east gate heading towards the district of Höchst lost its importance for the plant. The whole plant suddenly became autonomous to the district. Workers and employees of the plant were not depending on the district of Höchst any longer.