Management of District Centres

Urban and economic development in most European cities has in the last decades led to a decay of their district centres in terms of local economies, social cohesion and demographic balance. On the one hand, both in the metropolitan areas and medium-sized cities consumers are kept in city centres through an increasing number of shopping centres leading to lower demand of individual mobility. On the other hand, for those inhabitants living off these inner city shopping centres in the district centres suffering from this development.

In particular, demand-oriented diversification of the local retail and service sectors is lacking. In order to strengthen traditional locations in the small cities and district centres off the prospering city centres, joint effort is required. The MANDIE project explores the management of district centres in Europe, focusing on key themes; governance, marketing and retail. Partners aim at stopping declining process and rather enhancing the attractiveness and economic performance of district centres. Interdisciplinary study modules help to educate future district and place manager. Research activities contribute to understand district centres and their challenges better.

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